To zavisi od vaših godina: Evo koliko često treba imati intimne odnose radi dobrog zdravlja


Nina Čeng je vlasnica firme „The Eastern Philosophy“ koja je specijalizovana za biljne lekove. Ona često deli savete o tradicionalnim kineskim lekovima na TikToku. U jednom od svojih najnovijih videa, govorila je o tome koliko često treba imati intimne odnose u zavosnosti od godina, kako bi ljudi bili zdravi i fizički i emotivno.

U svom viralnom videu, Nina je rekla da se nedovoljno intimnih odnosa u kineskoj medicini smatra bolešću. Potom otkrila koliko često osoba treba da ima odnose i doživi orgazam u odnosu na svoje godine. Ovo je minimum, a vi naravno, možete i češće.


@easternphilosophy While traditional Chinese medicine often stresses the potential long-term effects of excessive sexual activity, many do not realize that insufficient sex is also considered a cause of disease in Chinese medicine 👀 As noted by the late TCM doctor, Giovanni Maciocia, “Insufficient sex is often a cause of disease akin to emotional stress, especially in Western women.” Ancient Chinese physicians believed that women were more likely to experience greater sexual frustration since they were subject to different societal norms and may not have felt as permitted to express themselves sexually compared to men. Special care was thus provided to ease the additional social and emotional challenges of women, which sometimes even included what we would now call psychotherapy—referred to in classical Chinese medicine as talking cures. The 2,000 year-old sexology text, Su Nu Jing, provided recommendations on frequency of orgasm according to age: 20 year-old: Every 4 days 30 year-old: Every 8 days 40 year-old: Every 16 days 50 year-old: Every 21 days 60 year-old: Every 30 days Chinese medicine links strong libido to abundant Minister Fire, with orgasm releasing beneficial Yang energy, enhancing Qi flow. This activity affects the mind and particularly impacts the Heart and Pericardium. These herbal remedies we carry can aid in supporting better reproductive health, ease genital discomfort, boost libido, and improve sexual performance: • Fu Yin Tai: an all-herbal soak to relieve genital itching and dry dampness • Baifeng Wan / Bak Foong: a top women’s health formula which can help balance hormones, regulate periods, relieve cramps, and address ‘cold uterus’ often linked to infertility • Suifan’s “China Brush”: a hundred year-old bestselling all-herbal formula to address premature ejaculation • Vitality Plus: Combines Cordyceps with Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, and Maca to support men’s vitality and increase testosterone • American Ginseng Tea: Enhances libido and sexual function, leveraging ginseng‘s effects on erectile dysfunction and overall sexual health . . #holistichealth #chinesemedicine #herbalmedicine #womenshealth #sexualhealth #valentines #learnontiktok ♬ Get Down – CLAVVS & Chico Mann



* Ako imate od 20 do 30 godina – treba da imate intimne odnose najmanje na 4 dana

* Ako imate 30 do 40 godina – treba da imate intimne odnose najmanje na 8 dana.

* Ako imate 40 do 50 godina – treba da imate intimne odnose bar na 16 dana

* Ako imate 50 do 60 godina – treba da imate intimne odnose bar na 21 dan

* Ako imate 60 do 70 godina – treba da imate intimne odnose svakih 30 dana

„Kineska medicina povezuje snažan libido s velikom vatrom, sa orgazmom koji oslobađa korisnu jang energiju. Ova aktivnost utiče pozitivno na um, a posebno na srce“, kaže Nina.